Auto repair services from Bunbury Batteries & Radiators include the fixing and replacement of air conditioners, batteries and radiators. As the only auto repairer in Perth that still recores radiators, we also offer same day air conditioner re-gassing. Using only genuine parts and accredited testings systems, our fully skilled team provides repairs and replacement parts for:

  • Compressors
  • Radiators
  • Batteries
  • Air conditioners
  • Thermostats
  • Filters
  • Hoses and lines


Air Conditioning


Don’t wait for the first summer heatwave to strike. Have your car’s air conditioning inspected and repaired by the experts at Bunbury Batteries & Radiators.

Our fully trained technicians can diagnose your vehicle’s air conditioning problems and carry out all repairs and servicing as required.

We are licensed refrigeration handlers, members of the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC), and only use the highest quality aftermarket and genuine factory parts, so you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands.

Our Air Conditioning services include:


We diagnose, repair, and replace faulty hoses, compressors, condensers and general fittings.


Includes the evacuation of gas, leak testing, adding leak detection dye, re-gassing and final testing of the system.

We also stock a vast selection of Air Conditioning parts, including:

  • Compressors
  • Fans & Components
  • Pressure Switches
  • Thermostats
  • Cabin Filters
  • Hose, Pipe & Alloy Line
  • Air Fresheners & Cleaning Agents

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Auto Repairs


Complete auto repairs and radiator recoring from Bunbury Batteries & Radiators. We are a fully accredited provider at our fully equipped facility. Bring your vehicle to us for a convenient same-day repair service – where possible – to radiators, batteries and air conditioners of all sizes, specifications and makes, using only genuine parts.

We have fully qualified mechanics on board to meet our customer service requirements including scan tool diagnostic, starter motives and alternators, logbook servicing, safety checks, timing belts and brakes.

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Need a new battery? Bunbury Batteries & Radiators stocks a huge range of batteries and accessories for cars, boats, caravans, lawn mowers, and even motorbike batteries.

We offer the best prices in town, and with our convenient same day service you can simply drive in and drive away with a new battery, fully installed.

Why Choose A Dual Battery System?
  • There are many great reasons to install a dual battery system:
  • Charge your auxiliary battery whilst you drive
  • Cost effective protection against a flat start battery
  • A safe way to charge your auxiliary battery
  • Used by 4WD clubs throughout Australia
Mobile Battery Service

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you within the Bunbury area! Bunbury Batteries & Radiators offers a convenient mobile service throughout the Bunbury region and we can test and replace your batteries.

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At Bunbury Batteries & Radiators, we offer complete radiator solutions for all makes and models of cars, trucks, tractors, irrigation pumps and industrial machinery.

We can flush, repair, and replace all radiator types, including copper/brass and plastic/aluminium as well as stock a large range of new and refurbished radiators.

Our radiator services include:

Clean Outs

We internally clean the radiator core until clean flow, and replace the tanks.

Radiator Repairs

Including tube repairs, tank repairs and brass copper soldering. All repairs are done by soldering.


We carry a range of cores for radiators.  we can match new for old and have them individually manufactured.


We carry a large range of new and refurbished radiators that are ready to go and refurbished in store.

Plastic & Aluminium Radiators

Most modern cars have plastic and aluminium radiators. The core is aluminium and the tanks are plastic.

Industrial Radiator Repairs

Our highly trained fitters can handle even the largest truck radiator. We perform clean-outs, re-cores, exchanges and repairs to all makes and models of trucks including bobcats, forklifts, loaders and trucks. We also have a wide range of experience repairing oil coolers.

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